On Brand and Emotion

I stumbled upon some old pencil and sketch concept ideas around an old brand that I had retired over a year ago – it seems like forever since I began working on those brand identities and it all started out as some fun caricature art in 2010.

My goodness how time flies.

During that period of my life I was much more concerned with things like personal branding (and I still am) and I believe it is an essential strategy and tactic for being a professional in the digital economy.

But my opinion on brand development and thoughts surrounding a person, a concept, an idea, and/or an organization are much softer now – much less concrete and physical and much more ephemeral and emotional.

I’ve always believed that a “brand” are founded on the emotional connection that one has to that “thing,” whatever it may be. I think I have moved to an even stronger position now and can say that the emotive response defines and communicates the brand primarily and everything else may quickly follow.

What do others say about you when your name is mentioned? What emotional responses are elicited? What do others say about your company and the products you build? How does one build future products in a way where positive emotions are the natural outcause of an any and all engagements?

I am thinking more and more on these things as I, myself, mature as an adult and professional. I wonder about things like “recovery” of one’s brand and how deeply our thought patterns and actions impact our brand explicitly and implicitly.

I wonder about the balance between how much I’ve done wrong and how much I’ve done right. I wonder if I’ve got it all entirely backwards.

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