Old Habits, Die Easy

Every year I get a bunch of the same email notifications about domains that are expiring or that need to be renewed, like this one that I got last night:

human3rror.com was one of my long-time favorites.

It took me a little bit of time to figure out when I had first used this domain (and brand), but, I found the announcement post here:

I can barely remember much of what was happening in and around March of 2008, but, 11 years ago I couldn’t have predicted that much of anything that would ultimately have transpired.

11 years ago feels like an entirely different life… an entirely different lifetime… like someone else was living this life and not me. But life moves fast.

6 months later, I’d split my personal blog (by category and type) and spend time writing for two blogs instead of one (that was the beginning of the end in so many ways). Two years later I would retire that handle and brand identity.

I’m literally laughing-out-loud because the speed at which I start and then end things is sometimes even ridiculous for me to stomach.

But it was human3rror.com which really set the stage for a consistent, CMS-based publishing habit (i.e. using WordPress to push content publicly) which has now persisted for 18 years.

And, “human error” is still an on-going theme that I think about all the time – so much of the pain and sorrow in our world is because of it… but it’s also the very source of so much inspiration, hope, and joy.

Whenever I say or spell the word I still use the letter 3 instead of e – old habits die hard… although some die easy. Some need to die easier… because they come back so fast.