Old and New, New and Old

We are moving. Again.

But, at least we’re staying in San Francisco and the Bay Area… as I love it here more than most of the places that I’ve lived. In fact, there’s only one place in the world that compares and that is Tokyo, Japan.

I spent nearly 4 years in Tokyo and I loved every single moment of it. The sights, the smells, the feel, the noise, the action, and the culture. It was a perfect mix of old and new and new and old.

I feel somewhat the same way about San Francisco. There’s a ton of history here that I’ve just begun to understand and learn about. And yet, at the same time, there’s an overwhelming sense that the next big thing is currently in development and it’s birthday will arrive at any moment.

I like that mix. Old and new and new and the old, coming together with a ton of friction. Sure, there’s a lot of folks who do not like these things mixing (and they have good reasons why) but it is what is happening.

We’re moving south, a bit, 3 miles south to be exact, to Glen Park from Hayes Valley. We’re moving from a very nice 2/2 apartment to a 3/2.5 house and, at first, I was a little bit disappointed.

But, over the last few weeks I’ve become even more excited about the potential. It’ll be a great new start to a very important new chapter of our lives.

The old and new, coming together, once again.