On Blame

My father has always said that most of the things in life are outside of our control and what we really are control over is how we respond to those things.

So far, I’ve found this principle to be true and as I get older I realize that defaulting to gratitude is a really good go-to start block for pretty much anything, even the bad stuff.


You see, I’ve been super-fortunate to have the experiences that I’ve had, both the good and the bad. I’ve been blessed with a little bit of success and blessed with a whole lot of failure. I find both equally important.

I’m grateful for my family and my kids and my amazing wife and partner. I am so grateful for what I get to do every single day and the people that I get to work with.

But gratitude demands action and it demands that we do something with all of the good things that we’ve been afforded. Giving back and making sure that others can find and achieve even greater success is important.

When you realize how much you truly have you also, at the very same time, have an opportunity to see how much you can truly give away. I’m finding this reaction just as important and revealing as any other.

It’s also been pleasant to find how much joy I receive when I allocate and dedicate part of my time to give that stuff away too.

Consequently, if I am to blame anyone about my current position I have found that the responsibility lies squarely on my own shoulders. I can blame myself with a pretty straight face and I feel good about that.