On Businesses, Turnover

via Wiselike:

What are common problems that are interfering with successful results within businesses today?

Businesses are showing large amounts of turnover. What problems would first be looked at to ensure the company is doing the most good for the workers they have on staff?

Here’s my answer:


The news will report often on layoffs and downsizing… but they won’t talk as often about the humble companies doing millions in revenue and who hire at a brisk but reasonable pace.

The problems of today have not changed that much from the problems that companies faced in previous days of old… and that’s because people have always been at the heart of the problems for most businesses.

If you don’t invest in your people and if you don’t hire people of integrity and if you are not aligned culturally around values that matter then you’re going to mess up and you’re building a house of cards.

I think many companies are finally taking note about these types of thing but everyone will continue to be tempted and seduced by the financial margins and sacrifice their staff and the organizational health for it.

Oh well.