On Creating Greatness

The goal of any leader (and the companies they lead, for that matter…) should be to inspire and create greatness in their staff.

Not just for their fiscal bottom-line but because helping other people become better humans, both personally and professionally, is a win-win in every single way imaginable.

via Gaping Void

via Gaping Void

And, in fact, when it happens, the bottom-lines grow.

Leadership is the art of creating greatness in other people.

This means that it’s intentional, not a mistake, and that it’s costly. Anything worth doing will always cost something because creating something is never truly deus ex machina; rather, the artists themselves must give of themselves to others for this exchange to happen, for real growth to occur.

In other words, the leader must sacrifice part of herself for the other so that they might grow and become all that they can be. It is a gift, an offering, an act of self-pruning that seeds and plants the greatest opportunities for growth in others.

When I mentor and lead others I feel the weight and responsibility of that burden. I know the cost because I immediately feel it emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have given of myself so that the other person, sitting across from me, might accelerate, might grow, might improve, might ascend to new heights.

The expense is worth it, the investment is sound. There are no guarantees and sometimes there is no obvious return, but, I always feel amazing when I stand up, shake hands, give them a final hug, and depart, knowing that they have been encouraged to be more courageous.

And it’s medicine that I need to swallow myself day-in and day-out. I hope many of you have mentors and coaches that you trust, that can help you accelerate to be the very best versions of your worthy selves.

via Gaping Void:

It’s not a leader’s job to be great at whatever. It’s the leader’s job to make the people under him/her great at whatever.

Which is why, in old school Chinese martial arts, a master is not judged by how good his kung fu is, the master is judged by how good his/her students’ kung fu is.