On Getting Replaced

Unsurprisingly, it’s not easy being on the receiving end of good advice, even more so when you talk and write about it!

I was reminded of a really important post that I wrote regarding mentors and mentorship, specifically about how it’s incredibly important to continue to evolve and change your stable of mentors and coaches:

We all need to be on the lookout for folks who are able (and willing!) to accelerate us, if the timing and the quality of the relationship makes sense. But, to do that well, you need to “fire” your old mentors and coaches and give them notice.

Call it like you see it.

There are really good ways of doing this and then there’s what most folks do: Just let the relationship die due to inconsistent / bad communication, ghosting one another, and effectively letting the relationship die through general asphyxiation.

I think there’s a better way, where you simply let the folks who have been pouring into your life that it’s time to move on and that you’re putting them on notice—they might be upset for a moment, but, it won’t be because they just got fired, it’ll be because they’re sad that they won’t be able to spend as much time with you as they had previously!

I know this feeling because it just happened to me; although I’m sad that I won’t be seeing this person much anymore as they’ll be super-busy with their new enterprise gig, I’m grateful to have been able to walk with them through an intense season of self-discovery and exploration which ultimately lead them to not start a new venture but instead head back into big business.

This person gave me the heads-up, the feedback that I need to do my best work, and let me know where she’s headed next—couldn’t be more stoked.

I don’t mind getting replaced if I know it’s coming down the pipe; just keep me informed, that’s all. I’m already excited about your upcoming upgrade—it was never about me to start with!