On Opposites

I was able to spend a little time in Los Angeles recently which meant that I was able to have some really decent Korean food and stuff my face absolutely silly.

This is probably the saddest fact about San Francisco — we’re still missing a quality (and decently-priced) spot in The City.

But, I think folks are starting to notice because I heard of a new joint that just opened up a month or so ago! Time to get eatin’!

The topic of conversation for the evening was on how opposites seem to attract — this was an important and somewhat heavy topic, given his new upgrade from “girlfriend” to “fiancée” and how different she is from him, relatively-speaking.

I also married someone who couldn’t be more different than me and we’ve had our share of challenges. But, I don’t think I could make it work with anyone else. In other words, marrying someone like me would never have worked — I could never deal with someone like me.

That’s saying something.