On Priorities and Scheduling

via Wiselike:

How critical is it to keep an organized schedule in your line of work? Do you prefer a schedule or a more organic format and handle tasks as they arise?

You tend to be involved in several ventures at the same time. How do you decide what to do on a certain day or hour? How do you prioritize and keep track of the projects that you’re working on?

Here’s my answer:

It may seem as if I’m involved in more than one thing but it’s not as diverse as people believe (and I’m constantly pruning and removing stuff).

I manage my schedule via Google Calendar mostly and my tasks via email. Here are two important posts:

My Incredibly Simple Email Strategy, Process, Whatever…

A Clear Calendar

“Organization” is a consequence of your ability to maximize the completion of your goals in the most efficient way possible. Efficiency is determined by your own proclivities, behavioral patterns, and focus, and it doesn’t look the same for anyone (but most people try to blindly follow and/or copy existing models).

It feels organic because it is organic. I don’t need a daily calendar to know what I need to get done. I fill the hours optimally because I have a much larger vision and mission in mind… and I must get it done. I’m relentless about not wasting time.