On Routine Maintenance

I’m constantly trying to keep things trim and light and fast in my life, not just the technology that I’m (currently) building.

Consequently, I’m always making small, iterative tweaks to them, especially this blog! It’s partly why I’ve kept it around for so long as I love tinkering with stuff, tearing things apart and, sometimes, putting them back together.

As I shared yesterday, I’m in the middle of a season of “removal” where I’m paring things down and finding opportunities to make everything faster.

One area that needs consistent review and active pruning is the active WordPress plugins that your blog has active – at the moment, I’m the trimmest I’ve ever been, with only two active plugins at the moment:

Yup. That’s it.

The lucky two are Jetpack and Yoast SEO, both of which are well-written, time-tested (I’ve been using both for years) and do a better fundamental job of optimizing select parts of the blog than I could do myself, at least easily or quickly.

That’s all she wrote.

You see, I used to write (and rewrite) a bunch of my own plugins into the core theme (or child theme) but I don’t have any custom code right now, which makes updating and management even easier and frees up a ton of mental space.

Like most things in life, a blog (and any technical software product) will continue to grow and become more bloated over time, especially when you’re not looking and suddenly you wake up and realize that the site is unbearably slow or simply doesn’t operate the way that it once did.

The only way to manage this proactively is to schedule in time for a technical review – I suggest doing this every other week or, at the very least, once a month!

Sadly, most people don’t do this – you really have to see your technology and the implementations that you have as a car that needs routine maintenance, like oil changes and rotation of tires and the like.

Great software doesn’t stay great without consistent and intentional investment on your part; get it done.