The definition of snuggle is:

To settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.

Just the word itself makes you feel warm, comfortable, and intimate, doesn’t it?

My daughter crawled on top of me and then found a nice little spot between the cushion and my body and after shifting around a bit finally found a small niche.

I think, in many ways, we’re all trying to find a place that’s comfortable, that’s familiar, that’s trustworthy and true. Whether this is personally or relationally or professionally or vocationally, it doesn’t matter as we’re all trying to find our “fit” as they say.


Arden – Feb 17, 2016

We’re all trying to find that place of peace.

I spent time grabbing coffee with friend and fellow entrepreneur yesterday and we chatted about a number of things but mostly how wonderful the feeling is when we’ve discovered the place that we’re supposed to be. In other words, the overwhelming sense of peace when things just seem to “click” into place.

This doesn’t mean that that particular place is perfect or without danger or without ambiguity and it certainly doesn’t mean that we are without fear or without anxiety about the future, but I imagine it’s much like the professional athlete about to walk onto the field or the broadway actor about to walk onto the stage: They know who they are and in that very moment they know, unequivocally, where they are supposed to be.

The emotions, the excitement, the fright, the wonderful agitation before the performance doesn’t change their mind about where they are; instead, they are all the more exhilarated and they can’t wait for it to begin.

It just takes a few more steps, from the shadows to the light, and the rest will fall into place.