One Leg at a Time

Here’s a picture of me sitting in an Eastern European hotel bathroom while on a business trip to meet with some potential partners.

I’ve worked in a lot of bathrooms in my lifetime…

The reason is because I had forgotten a power converter and the bathroom, luckily, had a 2-prong outlet that could miraculously take my charger for my notebook computer.


But, I have often found myself working in strange places and locales and my projects have taken me all over the world. Startup life isn’t bad if you have the right expectations.

And that’s the point – so much of how I view and understand and perceive my life in the context of a startup is based on what I expect will and should happen vs what actually happens on a day-to-day basis. The reality is that my life isn’t altogether different than anyone else’s experience and I put on my pants just like everyone else: One leg at a time.

I certainly use the bathroom just like everyone else as well.

But, things like agency and having full discretion of my time make it so much better because I get to choose what I work on (and where I get all of that work done!). The work on the outside, the façade and the veneer may look similar but the motivations and the things that drive me couldn’t be more different.

We’re all headed to the same end state, you and I, as we were born of dust and we’re going to end up there when all is said and done; either you’ll look back fondly at your work (and where you worked and with whom) or you won’t.

Thankfully, we know what that feels like today and we have the opportunity to change it up before we start building regret.

And I never really found much utility in regret.