One Month as a Full Time Blogger, Done!

It’s been a fantastic 4 weeks and I honestly can’t believe that a month ago I started a new season of life where I’d spending the vast majority of my time writing blogs as a full time blogger.

But let me be clear: It’s not a lifestyle of leisure, relaxation, and a 4-hour work week with a full-time salary! It’s a lot of work and I have to “hustle” just as much as I did (probably more now!).

Take for instance what I did this past month: I published (across all of the properties I manage) 409 blog posts and wrote 106,460 words! In other words, I was not relaxing in the south pacific on my yacht sipping sweet tea imported from my mother-in-law’s restaurant!

Not yet anyways… *smile*.

This blog, specifically, had the following statistics:

  • 35 blog posts with an average of 668 words per post (total of 23,375 words).
  • Each post had an average of 16.3 comments with about 569 words in each comment and an average of 2.3 trackbacks.
  • 571 comments made for a total of 19,944 words!

I think the last bullet is the most impressive and the community that we’re growing here is extremely encouraging. It’s you guys and the growth of a new type of digital tentmaker (I believe we’re creating a movement!) and the community around this paradigm which keeps me up at night! And to think that this is only the beginning!

So, what have you come away with in the last month here on TentBlogger? What have you learned, what do you think we need to do better? Let me hear it (because I’m really listening!)!