One More v1.x Update…


Nice update notes.

It seems that a few other apps are following Path App’s modus operandi of providing little context and information about their updates.

I suppose it’s the size of their social network that warrants the quick blurb instead of the in-depth list of feature updates? I would think it should be theĀ reverse thinking whereas if you have a huge social network you want to provide as much context to the most people about what they can expect to see change within the app…?

But perhaps that’s just me.

Anyways… I haveĀ one more version planned before I take the next few months to seriously knock out version 2.0 of the app. v1.6 is mostly server-side optimizations and some small bug fixes that may have come up in version 1.5. What’s nice is that there hasn’t been that many reports and most people are enjoying the new filters that are now present.


I’ll provide some more context as we get closer to v1.6 and then let you guys know what the roadmap for 2.0 is in terms of timing and such. Lots of work still ahead as there’s no question about that!

Don’t forget to hashtag your new filters in the app!