One Sentence Per Day

This is always worth repeating:

Journaling is simply the act of thinking about your life and writing it down. That’s it. Nothing more is needed. But despite its simplicity, the daily journal has played a key role in the careers of many prolific people.

via James Clear

So, get to it, right? How does one start?

Here’s the truth: There’s no one “right” way to journal. You can do it wherever you want and in whatever way you want. All you need is a piece of paper or a blank document. However, although there is no right way to journal, there is an easy way to journal…

Write one sentence per day.

That’s it. Just start. One sentence per day. It might seem like nothing, but, over time, it begins to add. And…! You’ll begin to feel the effects quickly as well.

A few more thoughts on this topic while I’m at it:

It’s interesting to think that, after all these years, the simple strategy of getting up around the same time every single day and taking a small amount of time to write something (anything!) down, can do so many great and wonderful things in my life.

Why? Because “good doesn’t happen on accident”:

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