TentBlogger Turns One Year Old!

One of my biggest fans... and her Elephant.

Wow. Guys and gals, I cannot believe it’s been a full year of blogging here on TentBlogger.com! Insanity!

A year ago today I started this little blog in the belly of a friend’s basement with a very humble start – but I kept it lively and upbeat, even sharing my pre-blogging exercise routine (which is still one of the top viewed posts!).

I shared some of my hopes and dreams in that first month as a professional blogger and how I wanted to hopefully reach escape velocity so that I could turn this little blog on the fringes of the blogosphere into something a tad bit bigger (an outpost perhaps). I got beat up that first month and was financially “in the hole” and would stay there for some time until things picked up.

And over the past 365 days it has certainly picked up and at this present time here are some stats to relate:

  • 45.6 blog posts per month with an average of 804 words per post.
  • An average of 22.9 comments per post with 869 words and a total of 11,497 unique comments (19,650 if you include my own in response).
  • I published 502 blog posts with a total of 403,357 words.
  • And this blog started to earn some cash, in fact, some really great money as I turned it into a cash-flow positive blog.

But ultimately the greatest reward has been with the expanding community that’s grown, that’s been cultivated, and that has taken a few of the tips and experiences I’ve shared and turned them into some real success stories.

And you guys continue to share those stories of success and growth via Twitter, email, Facebook, and more and all it does is motivate me further to continue writing and publishing great content for you so that you can do what you do and love better!

For that opportunity and stewardship I am deeply humbled and deeply thankful! I wouldn’t be here where I am today without YOU.

There is No Greater Thanks Than Your Stories!

If you could indulge me for a moment I would love to hear about your stories over the past year, how you’ve used the content on this blog to help you further develop and grow your own platforms online.

I have an idea of how I’d like to use them (if you’d allow me) so as to further help more bloggers reach their blogging goals.

Not to necessarily bribe you to share your stories but as many of you know I really love giving stuff away, not only the content that I write and some of the free software that I create (like WordPress Themes and Plugins) but I also just love giving other stuff away for free too (just check out some of the stuff historically in this “Giveaways” category).

This time I’m going a bit bigger…

Two (2) Google Chromebooks!

A little while back I reviewed the Google Chromebooks and came away feeling that they could definitely be used well for a blogger, especially one that needs a little bit more portability for their writing as they travel and find themselves in different locales.

As such, I’d like to give two of them away to you!

  • Just share your story below about how this blog and this community helped you achieve your goals of becoming a more successful blogger. The more details the better!
  • Feel free to tweet this post and share it on Facebook as well (to give this community some more press) but only stories will count as entries.

Thanks all! You’ve been incredible this past year and here’s to another incredible year!

Oh, and don’t forget to get your Official TentBlogger Sticker…!

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Whew. Finally had time to sit down and bust out the random generator to find our two winners!

Congrats you two and thanks to all of you who shared your stories – they mean the world to me!

  • Kate Briles
  • Kristin (Sprouts Enroute)

Winners, please send me your mailing addresses by October 3rd, 2011 to claim your prize! Otherwise they are going to someone else!