Only the Developers Know

Want to know where we’re headed? Want to get a little bit of a foretaste of the future? Follow the developers… see where they are spending their time, especially the hobbyists.

This is how many feel about Ethereum and why most software developers and entrepreneurs I know in this space are exceptionally bullish on this new technology.

This is especially heightened by the fact that most folks in the community (and the surrounding community) absolutely hate Ethereum right now since, from a speculative perspective, it’s turned dreams into nightmares.

I mean, everyone (and I mean everyone) has completely lost their shirt on it from an investment side of things. But nobody, other than Ethereum developers, know the real promise was never about its potential as a store of value.

When the general populace calls a technology a “disappointment” and when those who hoped to benefit from the surface-level and the superficial, it’s a sign for you (and me) to start taking a serious look at what’s really behind the curtain.

Because only the developers really know and they vote with their time, not their money.