Operation Stankonia

Day 4 of                 *Operation Stankonia*                    

Project: XANGA

I have successfully navigated thru 4 days without a shower or of any action that would thereby provide cleaning action for my body.  To add to this great masterpiece at work, I would like to confess that I have not changed my pants for 11 straight days.  I have worn the same hat for those days as well.  I have not changed my undershirt for 4 days, one of which was used to workout in, so, it’s kinda sweaty.  I have not changed my undergarments, aka, boxers, for 4 days either, and I have not used the so-called switch-around/inside-out maneuvers usually utilized for such an outrageous, but not unusual, endeavor.  Note, as well, that I have had a lot of gas lately too…  In any case, you see, it would be defeating the point of no-shower tactics to not shower but to put on new clothes instead.  Complete dirtiness is optimum.

I have but, what?  The rest of today and tomorrow to complete Operation Stankonia.  30-something hours maybe?  Ah…  I think that shower is going to really feel good.

Someone brought up a good point.  What is the purpose of such a supposed maniacal action?  Is it some theological point that I’m trying to derive from Scripture and thus move into practicality?  Am I divorcing or, perhaps, rebelling from a some rigid theocratic, or less functional, social construct to prove a point?  Is symbolism the highest form of apparent truth, and in such a case, are my actions symbolizing a truth that none of the less-than-bright scholars of this contemporary Xanga-world can see?  BAH!  I scoff at such nonsense! (And such higher and more intellectual thinking)  For my actions are that of STUPIDITY!  MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHA.  or, that of laziness.

But, I think, I have not thought about the reasoning behind such a fancy as this.  I’ll post tomorrow if I think of something better.  Till then, I’ll be building up an immunity to dangerous airborn vessels of illness as I create within and upon my own body a barrier of dirt.

Oh, and if you see me, say hi to me too.  But don’t tell me to go get clean.