Totally agree:

The pink aisle is great, the Lego aisle is great. None of those things affect whether or not your daughter will grow up to be an engineer.

As an engineering father of two girls… Yes, yes, and yes.

I think my girls are a healthy mix of both “girly” things and “sciency” things.

But most important is the fact that I don’t care about where they eventually land; I will love them for who they are and will encourage them to explore and to discover their own unique path, just as their father has (and continues to do).

The question that they will have to face, just as all of us “grownups” have had to face, is the same: Who am I and what am I to do with myself?

Some of us figure that out earlier in life while others take a complete lifetime. My job, as a parent, is to help encourage that discovery (and self-discovery), facilitate angles of approach when warranted, and coach them to love oneself wholly and completely, without shame or guilt or self-judgement.

From what I understand, girls struggle with identity a lot, especially during their young-adolescence, and I hope to begin to plan seeds today in both of my girls that will create an overwhelming sense of worth and confidence.

And, when they are anxious, or troubled, or unsure, that we have an open channel of healthy dialogue that is readily available, not forced, but natural, born out of years of practice and intentionality.

I love them too much to not give it my all.