Optimize Your Career Around People

Andrew and I have built a relationship over the course of many years, first as professionals in a company environment as team members and then as friends.

What’s neat is that, as friends, we no longer have any issues around randomly pinging each other and finding a time to chat, even if it’s off the cuff. I like that.

We caught up about many things and we always find time to encourage each other. I make a great deal of stuff up and most of the stuff that I share with him (and most people) isn’t very good but, on occasion, I surprise myself.

What I shared yesterday has been my entire life over the course of the last year as I have purposely centered my entire career around people instead of my ambition.

Or, perhaps more accurately, I’ve put people and relationships as a clear priority over ambition and that has made all the difference. Ironically you get to touch the latter but in better ways than you originally had planned, so there’s some nice concentric benefits.

I tell this to people often: Optimize for people, not position or power and definitely not money. Work with great people and you’ll find yourself in a much better spot,¬†always.

When you find people who respect you for who you are and who can coach, mentor, and support you in all the right ways, it makes life just pleasurable, enjoyable, and you end up doing better work. You also end up creating a lot of value for them and for everyone else who is part of the venture.

It’s a total win-win.