Give Your Database an Oil Change – WordPress Optimization Plugin

Wow... looks like I need to optimize!

I’m more than pleased to announce the release of one of the most simple (and effective) WordPress Plugins that we’ve released to date!

The goal of this plugin is to be the easiest and most intuitive optimization process for your blog. It simply optimizes your WordPress MySQL database with a click of a button and then lets you get back to writing!

Why use this plugin? Simply because your database needs it! Not only does your database need it once but it needs it continually as you create more content and as your database (the place where all your data is stored) gets full of unnecessary information.

Think of it as a digital oil change for your blog to keep it happy and running smoothly. For those interested, here’s what it does specifically:

  • It’s intuitive! It’ll let you know if you need a “tune up” by giving you a message that you should optimize. If not then you can just get back to writing!
  • One-click optimization! No need to jump into phpMyAdmin or anything like that!
  • Shows you exactly the amount of space that can be optimized from your database. Optimize your tables, reduce overhead, and make it faster.
  • You can ‘View Your Database’ if you wish.

One click and I'm set! Optimized!

And that’s about it! We’ve made it as simple and painless as possible. All you have to do is install it and then every so often (how about once a week) make sure you click “Optimize” and you’re set.

Download it directly here!

Keep those database tables clean!