3 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic, The Adsense Money Maker

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]

One of the things that you’ll hear a lot (for good reason) is the term “organic” traffic. I’ve already used this term a lot, both in this Adsense Series as well as in other posts but I wanted to spend a little time providing a little guidance about why it’s so important.

The simple fact is that traffic that originates from search engines is called organic traffic and organic traffic has been proven to be the most profitable, not just financially but also from a pageview and growth perspective.

That’s why you’ll hear me (and many others) say that organic traffic is the best type of traffic to monetize and should ultimately be a part of your growth goals for your blog.

Why is it so important? It’s because when people use a search engine they are obviously looking for something – a product, a service, and answer to a question and/or a solution to a problem. This search pattern and behavior is important because they are more prone to click through advertisements that provide a solution to their need than other types of traffic.

This means, naturally, that visitors and readers from other sources are far less likely to click on your advertisements than organic traffic visitors. In fact, regular users (repeat visitors and community members) will almost never click on any of your advertisements because they are there for the content, not necessarily the advertisement that doesn’t necessarily solve a problem or provide a solution – the content is the problem and solution instead (in some cases).

They suffer from “banner blindness” as some call it. The same goes for traffic generated via social media sharing and the like – they are (generally speaking) a bit more web savvy and are there for the content as well, not the advertisements that solve a need as well.

Makes sense, right?

What does this mean for you as a blogger? It means the following:

  1. Content – Yup. That’s right. Your goal is to continually pump out amazing blog content that solves needs and provides solutions for people, not just rambling diatribes about how the local restaurant (that you always go to) had bad service today and made you feel sick.
  2. SEO – Yup, another doozy, right? It means that you optimize your blog to handle, receive, and attract organic traffic through solid search engine optimization techniques as well.
  3. Focus – I’ve talked this up a bunch but you really do need to have some focused content that kicks serious butt. Nothing is more diluted than a blog that has 100 un-focused categories that talk about Twitter one day and then your kid’s boogers the next.

The higher your rank in SERPs the more clicks you get and the more click-throughs you get the more traffic your blog receives and the more traffic you get the higher potential for your advertisements to see some action.

And, of course, the more action your ads get the more money you make. Simple, now go do it.

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]