On Outfits and Old Dogs

My wife is an incredible partner, wife, and very, very patient friend. Some of the daily challenges that I have are around things that most neurotypicals do not think twice about.

For instance, my wife has helped create dress combinations for me since we’ve been married which has helped me look my best.

I’ll be honest… not all of these combinations are entirely to my liking but I have learned many things about fashion and what is appropriate and inappropriate given certain situations and events.

Some of the more important events, like speaking engagements and keynotes, I’ve intentionally engaged my wife and solicited her help to come up with combinations that would make sense.

I found a few old text messages from a few years back on a backup drive this past weekend and had to laugh aloud as I reviewed them. I screenshot the conversations because I had a hard time remembering exactly what she had put together and in what order:



Like I said, my wife has been unbelievably patient with me and, over time, I’ve learned to be much more independent in my thinking when it comes to dress (thankfully).

I still very much abhor the process of trying to decide what to wear every morning as I’d much rather just wear exactly the same thing every single day (as long as it’s decently clean) but you simply can’t do that when you’re a “professional”…

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks; isn’t that what they say?

I’ll never be as well-dressed as my wife wants me to be and, at this point in our relationship, I’m doing well enough to get away with a few lapses here and there. Relationships are all about compromise, right?