Do Not Outpace Your Ability to Execute Your Blog Ideas

Stay ahead of the wave of ideas that you have so you don't get squashed.

I don’t care how good that blog idea is – if you’ve already got a blog then stop!

You see, one of the challenges that many of us face is our tendency to outpace our ability to actually execute on the many ideas that we have for our blog(s).  Some of you might have a huge list of things you want to do but that you will honestly never get around to actually doing.

These could include simple things like adding a new WordPress Plugin (or finding the perfect one for that very particular feature and functionality), installing a new WordPress Theme, trying a new 3rd party script, or even finishing that simple blog series that you promised yourself that you would get to (a month ago).

But one of the larger (and more costly) ways that we outpace ourselves is simply buying new domain names that we know, in our heart-of-hearts, we will never actually get around to writing for or launching much less. I mean, I’m susceptible to this myself as I have a list of domains I’m even trying to get rid of!

So how do we stay focused so that we can be more successful with the few things that we’re already responsible for? Here are five things that I try to do every single time I get that “itch” that might put me in a bind:

  1. Ask My Wife – I always ask my wife what she thinks about “new” ideas before I actually commit to them. In fact, I’ve already shared with you how smart she is and she keeps me on track with my current commitments. If you aren’t married then ask a trusted friend about your new idea who’s willing to keep you focused.
  2. Remember Your Focus РReview this post here on your true focus and ask yourself if adding another blog or project is going to actually fit in your plans of taking over the world. If not then you should probably back off!
  3. Stay in the Black – My goal and my recommendation to bloggers is to try to stay financially “in the black” as much as you possibly can. What that means is that you shouldn’t spend money that your blog hasn’t necessarily earned. Have your blog keep itself afloat first then start spending on strategic areas that will prove to be profitable both financially and from a traffic perspective.
  4. Just Say No, Politely – Develop a habit and/or reflex that makes your first reaction to a personal new idea as something like this “That’s a great idea but not right now.” Developing this reflex takes time but it’s important if you’re going to be successful.
  5. Remember the Marathon – Your blog’s success is a long-term strategy and it requires hard work and focused effort every single day. If you want your blog to grow in the ways that you dream about then why would you risk diluting it with other energy expenses in other directions? If you do then just don’t expect the “runaway” success that you think about during your 9-to-5.

You see, most of us bloggers are already entrepreneurial in nature and so our tendency is to “start and ask questions later” – it’s only until we see the bank statement with 10 new domain names that we cringe and the feeling of regret sinks in.

Do not outpace your ability to execute on your current blog properties and you’ll reap the benefits in ways that you honestly can’t imagine right now. It takes focus, time, hard work, and a bit of luck but it’s well worth it!