Ow via Leaders


Building the right type of organizational culture requires the right people that will instill the right type of  behaviors, practices, and thus, productivity.

I’ve discovered that when you create the right type of culture you don’t actually ever have to ask for things like “overtime” or working on the weekends, besides the fact that it feels weird to even ask that in the first place.

When the organization (and team) is lock-step with what needs to get done then this type of alignment is as natural as breathing. People know the timeline, the deadlines, and the things that need to get pushed forward because all of our butts are on the line.

It isn’t about the leader and the staff or the staff and the leader, it’s about a team in concert, hell-bent on making it work. If you find yourself having the ask for more effort then you’ve already lost the battle. People are probably already leaving¬†and the sink is already sinking.