Almost One Month of P90X

Downward Dog - P90X - YogaX - ROFL!

It has now been nearly 1 full month of my attempt at completing the full round of P90X. Today is Day #5 of Week 4, Core Synergistics (which is hard as all get out, btw).

I’ll tell you, this work out is no joke. The first week I had trouble putting a shirt on and I literally passed out after the first plyometrics.

But I’ve remained quite steady. I’ve missed only one day due to a full-day of travel but I was able to make it back up on the “rest” day (which is a nice addition for those that might miss one or two).

Here are a few other things of note:

  • I have cut out completely sodas from my diet.
  • I have cut out sugar completely except for coffee and natural sugars. No sweets, candy, or anything else.
  • I haven’t changed my eating habits dramatically though and I still enjoy (very much) fried chicken.
  • I do not take any of the supplements that they suggest or “recovery drinks” and stuff like that. Just water.
  • I do the work out when I can – I don’t feel pressured to do it every morning or at the same time every day. I like the flexibility and am committed to doing the exercise each day but not at a specific time each day.
  • I do, in fact, feel a bit more flexible but not necessarily any stronger.
  • I did take a “before” picture and I’m not sure I’m going to be comfortable enough to share it publicly, even if the results are awesome.
  • On this note, I have no expectation of a dramatic change in my physical appearance and I have not yet seen any change physically. This doesn’t necessarily depress me but I do wonder if I will see something in time.
  • I bought a mat and I don’t use it.
  • Pam the Blam makes me seriously ROFL.
  • The guy with the prosthetic limb makes me feel super lame for complaining – every single time I see him.
  • I do most of the “alternate” methods of the exercises cause I’m a weakling.
  • Ab Ripper X slays me every single time. I lie on the ground for most of this work out program.
  • I do nearly all of my exercises barefoot.
  • I hated yoga the first few weeks. I now love it. This was extremely surprising shift in my thinking.
  • “The best downward dog in your life.” is one of the funniest quotes ever.
  • Tony Horton makes me laugh. I’m not sure which side he swings for but who honestly cares? He’s a perfect coach, half boot-camp-kick-your-butt-drill-sargeant and the other half is an amazing encourager. I think we could all learn something from how he interacts with his staff and his interaction with the exerciser.
  • There are some of Tony’s staff that I really like and some that I really dislike. I have realized that I have crafted detailed personas for each and assigned them categorically in my mind as people I want to punch in the face and people that I want to give a high five to after I finish (and everything in between). Peculiar, but it’s how I cope with doing this every single day for the next 90 days.
  • I typically skip the cool downs as I want to check my email more than stretch. Guilty. Sorry Tony.

Finally, if I’m to be completely honest, I started this program to not only get in better shape but to get a better monthly payment and premium for my life insurance policy. Probably more for the latter than the former.

Love to know your thoughts! I’m committed to finishing, God willing!