San Francisco-based photographer Timothy Archibald began photographing his autistic 5-year-old son Elijah as a way of dealing with the young boy’s diagnosis.

Noticing how his son behaved, different from other kids, and knowing that as a parent he was desperately eager to raise his child as best as he could, he felt the need to pour his frustrations into this portrait project titled Echolilia.

Here are some of the results:

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Write for Health

Another great piece on how writing can make you healthier:

After many more studies, with many thousands of participants — children and the elderly, students and professionals, healthy and ill — we can say with confidence that showing up and applying words to emotions is a tremendously helpful way to deal with stress, anxiety, and loss.

I can’t share enough how impactful the daily exercise of writing has been for me.

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Facebook: Stranger in a Strange Land

I downloaded 3 of the new Facebook apps yesterday in an attempt to understand that world a bit better.

For many of you this might come as a shock because, one, I haven’t downloaded these previously but that’s because I’m not actually a super-user of Facebook (or even a user for that matter) and two, that I’m willing to jump into something that I’ve been pretty against in the past.

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On Understanding Self

As we get older we spend more and more time trying to understand who we fundamentally and principally are. Retrospection now becomes a part of what we do and we spend time through introspection, reflection, and conversations with trusted partners and friends about who we are and what we’re meant to do with ourselves in our limited time on earth.

Albeit, many of us do not do this enough for our own good (and for others). I believe that the better we know ourselves the more we have to positively offer others and the world. And, we get a nice healthy kickback too.

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