Moving Posts to Self-Hosted WordPress

Recently, WordPress announced the ability a new import tool to move posts to And, of course, the #1 request was to have a self-hosted tool to do the same thing.

There is a plan for it but there’s no official ETA on a self-hosted plugin or the integration with JetPack… so for now we’ll just have to wait… right? Eh… well, you don’t have to.

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2 Years, 9K Posts, and 7M Views Later…

2 years ago, yesterday, I booted up another experimental property to test a number of different hypotheses. I didn’t have any expectations but, like most things, I hoped that the results would be net-positive.

A year ago I shared the results from the first 365 days in which I was able to publish over 5,000 blog posts and achieve over 1,000,000 pageviews. What would the next year bring?

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Culture Starts with Leadership

I was passed this by a friend, Khürt, who asked me why I hadn’t written about this particular topic quite yet… the honest truth is that I haven’t had time and that I wanted to hear a bit more about how all of this plays out.

But, he’s right. Waiting for the conclusion of the Uber debacle isn’t a good time to weigh-in and so, well, I’ll provide a few thoughts on the matter… just a few. Maybe one. Or two.

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