Don’t Discard

A fascinating perspective that I’ve been leaning into more and more these days is the idea that it’s okay to pursue a plethora of things all at the same time and that focusing on one thing isn’t nearly as important as loving fully and engaging the many.

In other words, the often shared advice of focus, focusfocus, might not be as good as it is proclaimed to be. For more context, watch this TEDxAustin talk by Steven Tomlinson:

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Your Choice

Professionally, I still have spent more time in the corporate / enterprise world than I have as a full-time startup person. This will shift in a few years and I don’t regret my time in big business.

I learned a ton about all parts of the organization but perhaps most importantly I learned how important relationships and politics play in getting things done. I would have never known of this (important) dynamic through any other avenue.

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