Hone a Useful Craft

I have really been meditating on this post since I first read it just a week or so ago and there have been more than a handful of you who have also commented (or tweeted) or pinged me privately asking for more additional thoughts on how to best go about taking those words to heart.

I don’t have any super-useful pieces of advice, but, I have been thinking about what to do with what I’ve read in my own life and it’s been more clear to me that reconsidering how I use my time is… well… it’s about time to reconsider how I use it.

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The Power of Committing

Sometimes the most important thing that you can do is simply make a commitment to a new path or perspective and then start walking.

And most of the time you have very little information about why you’ve made the commitment other than a gut-level feeling that you should. These aren’t the trusty, data-driven decisions that we all want and are more comfortable with; they are ones related to the heart, the soul, and the spirit.

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At Least I Tried…?

I can remember saying that to some peers during college after I had made up my mind to pursue an “alternative” degree plan instead of the more obvious Computer Science one.

But, it was a bit of a fib because I had had my mind made up for me since I failed out of CS – I didn’t have much of a choice at that point in time.

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