Grateful for Microsoft Excel

Many years ago I used Microsoft Excel to discover the love of my life.

Yes, this is a true story.

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On Walled Gardens and 10,000 Subscribers

A bit of paper-napkin math… but, if I were to put together the sum-total of the larger social networks that I’m active in then I might have closer to 500K followers / friends.

Twitter accounts for nearly half of that figure while the rest is found via a smattering of other social networking properties. I do have an equally as large subscriber base to this blog and this is simply because I’ve been writing for so damn long.

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Hi, I Have a Newsletter and It Is Called: “trying to win the internet”

I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time yesterday and the relief that I feel is as much as I expected it to be. Strange how that works…

I share a few thoughts near the end of yesterday’s vlog about this, which, you can skip to minute 6:00 (although the first part is pretty darn important, if you ask me…):

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A Few Pieces of Impactful Feedback About the VLOG

I received this via email the other day and it made me more than just smile – it gave me the energy to get up and film, edit, and produce another vlog.

Why? Because even when we like something a lot… even when we may even love something… a lot… we still get tired, frustrated, and upset about it all the same. Which discourages us and makes us (makes me) want to do nothing.

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