8 Years, 10 Days, 1,000 Subscribers

I officially joined YouTube on April 6th, 2009, exactly 8 years and 10 days ago. And it took that long to get to 1,000 subscribers, which I passed earlier this morning.

… … … … … What do they say…? Patience… is… a… virtue…? LOL.

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Desk App v3.1

Yup, after a bit of a delay, v3.1 of Desk App has gotten through the App Store Review process and should be available to update worldwide.

What’s neat is that the entire review process, from submission to approval, took less than 24 hours. Unbelievable speed considering the previous time required. Most excellent!

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Where Leadership Begins

As I start putting together a new team (i.e. hiring folks for my company) I’m starting to go back and review many of my leadership notes that I’ve acquired over the years.

It’s funny to review them, to be honest, because most of my notes were true, at the time, but are no longer things that I fundamentally believe.

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