3 Reasons to Blog

If you’ve been reading my stuff here on the blog for any amount of time then you’ve probably already encountered many times over my thoughts around why blogging and consistently writing is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. I decided, via my new vlog, to spend a few moments sharing my thoughts on […]

The Making of a Great (Developer) Blog

If you’re subscribed to this blog (or follow on Twitter) then you may have noticed a small yet significant uptick on the posting here, moving from at least one blog post a week to two. And, as many of you know, writing can take up a lot of time, even when the quality and output […]

Code Can Change Everything (for a Blog)

I’ve been writing publicly every single day for the last 15 years starting in 2001. It’s a streak that I plan on keeping and the beautiful thing is that it’s not even that hard to keep going either – it’s just something I love doing. And I’ve been using WordPress since 2003 and then started […]


The .blog domain name is now available and I’m in the lineup to see if I can get http://john.blog – that would be so legit. I think, if I were to get it, I would change my domain name to it permanently.

Results from a Blog Experiment: 365 Days and 5,000 Posts

[The 2nd Anniversary Post is here! 9k+ posts and over 7M views!] Last year, on March 8th of 2015, I started publishing posts on a brand new blog that was completely unaffiliated with any of my existing properties and sites. This was, like most things that I do, another wild experiment. I didn’t really have […]

Interview on Weave Blog

I’ve already shared my love for Weave’s Networking Service¬†and we decided to spend even more time together in an interview. I sat down with Lauren Lee, one of their awesome staffers,¬†and shared a few thoughts on how Weave has already created a ton of value for me: