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GJ Dropbox

I’m saving this post here (and this one) because it’s pretty darn inspirational, for a lot of different reasons.

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Dopamine Hits

The amount of waste that we’ve created and allowed ourselves to experience every single day is quite astounding.

Call it “Spring Cleaning” or something else… but I’ve been in the mood to purge and cleanse.

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Perfectly Acceptable

I’ve been paring things back and removing a ton of wonderful distractions lately as I double-down and focus on the growing needs of my startup (I mentioned this yesterday).

I say “wonderful” because they were, in fact, wonderful distractions that helped fuel a lot of creativity and even revenue.

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About Time

I shared in a recent newsletter update that I had closed out / down a bunch of my independent (indie) projects.

The truth is that I’ve shut down all of them.

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How To: Side Project

I’ve been doing monthly livestream workshops and it’s a fun opportunity to export a few of the things that I’ve learned over the years into other folks.

I find that this investment is one of the best types of investment of my time as I really feel like I’m moving the needle in other people’s lives.

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