The Fight for Attention

In my longest vlog yet, I share a few passionate thoughts around video:

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A Few Pieces of Impactful Feedback About the VLOG

I received this via email the other day and it made me more than just smile – it gave me the energy to get up and film, edit, and produce another vlog.

Why? Because even when we like something a lot… even when we may even love something… a lot… we still get tired, frustrated, and upset about it all the same. Which discourages us and makes us (makes me) want to do nothing.

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Multiply it by Three

The biggest challenge and most exciting thing when working with other software engineers who also happen to be entrepreneurs is that we’re very good at moving with great speed and, at the exact same time, we also underestimate the time required to put the pieces together fully.

And most software developers aren’t immune to this, by the way… it’s just that entrepreneurial software developers are more prone to being overly-positive about timelines than those engineers who aren’t building businesses.

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YouTube Revenue Report 2

Following up on my YouTube Revenue Report 1 I wanted to give an update for this month and also provide some more visibility into the ever-growing world of YouTube monetization.

[Make sure you check out my new dedicated page collecting all of the reports as well as my actual financial dashboard!]

Now, of course, I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination… but, I have been around for quite some time and know a few things about monetization and optimization as a whole that, at times, can be loosely applied to YouTube-centric money-making exercises.

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Hello World: Bite-Sized VC

I was having a conversation with my brother a little while back and we were discussing the challenges around building companies and, of course, raising venture capital.

We’ve both had to walk through “the fire” a few times and we have both been burnt as well. Sadly, a lot of those things could have been avoided (I’ll just speak for myself) if I had been a bit more knowledgable on the subject.

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