Paid Rooms Beta

One of the more important features that we’ve been building over the last few months has been released: Paid Rooms.

Early preview!

This completes the “trio” of fundamental room types that we wanted to give <sysops> as they create the amazing experiences for their communities:

  1. Public Rooms — For everyday conversations, chats, and more. Host as many as you want on as many topics as you’d like.
  2. Private Rooms — Create smaller, more intimate spaces with your community members. Perfect for families, small business operations (we use it for the YEN Team as a full Slack replacement — it’s faster too!), or even one-off experiences. Unlimited, of course.
  3. Paid Rooms — Now you can monetize your know-how, create bespoke experiences for groups (or individuals) or even limited (online) events. We’ve just launched this in “Early Beta” this morning so I’m anxious and excited to see it come to life!

We believe that the combination of these fundamental types will allow every metacreator to build the online experience that they’ve always wanted for their community members!

I want this for myself too, of course! Eventually, I’ll be there full-time!

A simple “wizard” to get you started.

I’ve created a few paid rooms myself that I’m excited to start building out — more than a few of you have wanted more intimate access / one-on-one time and so I want to test-drive that out in YEN:

Pricing is TBD.

If there’s one that you should check out it’s the BTC CLUB room, for a $1.00, especially if you want more help building wealth via bitcoin:

Just a $1.00! Thanks for helping me test!

If you’re interested in turning-on Paid Rooms in your YENIVERSE to help me test, feel free to ping me via DM and we can connect about it!

We’re so close to finalizing our “base” and foundation of the metaplatform and I’m so grateful for all of your support over the years! This has been a long and tough but rewarding process — the journey is really what it’s all about.

To infinity & community.