A New Coat of Paint

As we continue to work religiously on the the first version of the product that’s going to get into the hands of our first round test group (and you can still get early access!) we’re also spending time getting things more settled around our domain (and the name) and some of our collateral marketing pieces.

In layman’s terms, we’re quickly “growing up” as a product and company; we’re building, iterating, and refining everything and the momentum in the last few weeks have been palpable – nothing quite like it!

So, you may have noticed a new “coat of paint” on the blog, the canonical URL and domain, and the landing page (take a look). Here’s a full screen-cap of the new landing page as well:

New landing page, December 2016

As you can see, we’ve done away with the “Coming Soon” style page (which you could see here) and added a larger feature header image, some call-out text and title as well as a persistent top-nav as you scroll. You’ll see four screenshots of the product (as it stands today) with some text explanations of what our early testers will encounter.

The idea here is simple: Create a bit of visual alignment with a potential visitor so that their expectations are semi-set if they end up participating in our early test groups. And, the most-requested thing in my inbox from folks interested has always been:

So, can I see what you’re building?

You see, I realized that I can’t expect everyone to have seen the screenshots that I’ve been posting continually on the blog here and providing links to posts just isn’t as streamlined as it could possibly be.

Go figure.

Twenty Seventeen Theme via WordPress 4.7

We’re now fully upgraded to WordPress 4.7, which just dropped last week and we are also using the new default Twenty Seventeen theme, which I am particularly enjoying.

For those that are a little more curious, we’re also sporting two different WordPress installations for the marketing page and the blog here. I know that many will combine the two with one installation which is definitely possible but my thoughts were around long-term sustainability and the relatively high-chance of building a marketing page that would be outside the bounds of WordPress design and development.

But the blog will always use WordPress, especially as a “homebase” for content. We are considering and lightly experimenting with Medium as well, but, I feel pretty strongly about maintaining control of our system, technology, and platform for our content needs.

New URL!

Finally, you’ll notice that we’re no longer using www.whatispinpoint.com as our top-level domain and instead we’re using www.pinpt.co. Shorter, sweeter, and it was available. I’m already liking it much more.

Those updates are the more obvious parts of our “new coat of paint” update. You may also see that we’re starting to use Intercom as a feedback system which I’m very excited to be using formally for a new project. They’ve got some powerful tooling and they keep getting better and better and it’s very obvious that they have some strong product-minded folks around their software.

So, take a gander and let me know if you have any feedback!