Keeping the Bar High: Passwordless Entry

There are are lot of options out there for building login systems that work; you can, of course, build it yourself or use some of the robust off-the-shelf tools like auth0 or Firebase, both of which we have used and tried.

There are many advantages of passwordless entry, too many to outline in this small update, but it is far better at security and protection of user data than using a straight-up password.

I remember hearing from Bill Gates back in the RSA 2004 SecurityCon who said:

There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords. … They just don’t meet the challenge for anything you really want to secure.

And, 16 long years later, most industries still have not (yet) embraced the core benefits of using such a great technology!

We think tools in the community data space should be some of the best protected software platforms ever. Why? Because we will house personal data that matters our community members.

And, without their trust, we can’t operate as well as we’d like to as a business! So, this is definitely something we’re looking out for as we design and build our core platform.

Naturally, I’d like to share a preview of what this might look like for passwordless entry into our app:

We’ll have one, big button that’ll be used to register, login, and get you to your settings page; this re-usable design will save space and make sure that you know where you need to be, fast.

And, of course, you won’t ever have to worry about memorizing a password or being vulnerable to one that our customers were thinking about reusing.

We’ll keep our customers safe, even when they’re not thinking about it for themselves. Our 2 amazing years in #defi and cryptographic-finance taught me that privacy, security, and trust are the hallmarks of any great, enduring business.

We’ll keep the bar high.

[Post originally published on Indie Hackers.]