Patreon-Only: Discord Chats!

Hey folks,

You know that I love crypto. You know that I love me some quality BTC. You know that we’re building the best damn community on the planet.

You all know that, right? 

Of course you do! How do I know? Because you’re part of the select few, the tribal elite, that are helping us build something very special around these parts… and we’re all learning and growing together through this special Patreon Community.

I’ll be honest… when I talk to other folks privately about what we all have put together, it makes my heart swell when I mention the small band of pirates, ‘nauts, and pubbers that support what we do every single month.

It just makes me want to spend even more time doing this stuff!

And… on occasion, with your growing support, I get to do just that… even finding time ad-hoc to chat with some of you folks via Discord.

With THE DATA LORD’s permission, I recorded our frank and honest conversation and we are sharing it with you. 


Now, I’m not going to be able to do this all the time (at least for now) but it is my goal to spend more time investing in each of you as time progresses.

Together, we are all going to learn, grow, and build something uber-special.

– The Doge Lord