[PATREON ONLY] – Yen Use Case #6 – ICO? Connect with Supporters, Give Behind the Scenes Info?

One final use case to think over.

It’s worth reminding you all that…

1. Nothing is set in stone! These are all beginning conversations that we’re having with you all about what we feel is an opportunity! And not all use cases will make it into the final product (obviously)… we’re gauging interest data from some of our more dedicated community members (you!).

2. We love the feedback… this is how the best products get built… and we want to know how you feel about a different kind of exchange.

3. All feedback is good feedback. Period.

4. We’ll have more screenshots to share about concept pieces soon… but many of you are on the right track.

5. This is the greatest time to be alive.

Miss live-streaming… but, I’ll have more info on that soon…

– The Dogelord