On Achieving Sustainable Income

I’m experimenting with Patreon (and it’s pronounced “patron” for those that didn’t know…) for my brother’s growing cryptocurrency community and I find their model (and their tooling) to be very good.

I also particularly like their mission which is simple, digestible, and easy to understand (but also really exciting and measurable):

Help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income.

This is exactly what we’re trying to do and it’s exactly why we decided to investigate the platform and system to see if what they had created was worth the time and investment to put together.

The world is changing and the opportunity for independent creators to live sustainably is bigger and more possible than it has ever been. Technology like Patreon appears to be leading the way and I’m excited to dive into the system and put it to good use (also their API as well…).

There’s something inside all of us that wants to support the independent creator because I think it’s a reflection of our own identity as well.

You see, I believe that we are all creators in our own right but not all of us feel the need or desire to find community-based financing for our creations. For those that do, well, you have things like Patreon.

I remember trying to put together financial resources when I looked at going “pro” with blogging (i.e. becoming a professional blogger and living solely on my writing).

I was successful in many ways but managing the finances and the different ways to build income was such a hassle. Patreon didn’t exist back then (they were founded in 2013) but I had need of the when I first started putting things together in 2011.

And so now I wouldn’t even consider trying to put together a hodge-podge of managed solutions… I’d probably just use Patreon. At least until one felt it didn’t scale (although I’m not sure how it wouldn’t…).

These are exciting times you know. It’s far easier to earn an income while doing the very things that you enjoy than ever before. And as our world becomes even more inter-connected and diverse the potential becomes even greater.