Payouts and Viewing Your Balance

As we continue to slowly make our way through product development — which will invariably shift a bit as I transition due to epic changes — I’m still trying to push out features that have been in development for a bit of time to honor the work that my team has done.

The more important feature that we’ve been hacking on for a while is simply being able to create and then manage Paid Rooms in the metaplatform. The math isn’t quite perfect yet but my hope is that any pricing schematic is clear, transparent, and easy-to-calculate in one’s head.

It’s good to see their faces every once in a while.

What I’m thinking is 10% of gross revenue per month as it’s easy to calculate for any customer and is most-definitely competitive in the market for similar products / services, especially in comparison to the industry standard of 30% taxation on rev. Although, those walls are coming quickly down.

I’m unsure of the backend design, but, I want to give that a bit of a facelift, if I can. Here’s hoping! This will be the last YEN-centric update on the blog as I’ll be posting all of these types of things in YEN.CHAT (#CHANGELOG Public Room):

Updates go here.

YEN was originally designed as a “feedback” system and tool for early-stage projects, something that you could quickly boot-up and throw onto a landing page (or link to it) and start having conversations, that you control, about the product, service, or business that you’re building.

Getting real (and raw) feedback is the lifeblood of any early-stage community and project and you can do that with just a few clicks.

Presently I’m the only one to really implement this type of workflow and behavior so maybe it works just for me. I hope to be proven wrong, at some point.

And the featured image is just fucking cool.