People are Watching…

There’s been a little bit of a dust-up in regards to Twitter and their upcoming changes to their API. Essentially, they are turning of a number of features that greatly impact the end user experience, for the negative.

So much so that a bunch of app developers have come together to raise awareness of this imminent change and hope to gather enough support to make a change.

From Twitter’s end, they are focusing more on “data features and access” and not so much on “client app product features” which include Push Notifications¬†and Automatic Timeline Updates.

This is a huge loss to some incredible native applications, like Tweetbot which is one of the best in my honest opinion.

Twitter isn’t unfamiliar with developer relations and have really messed up in the past. Here, they have an opportunity to do it right… but, it seems, that they haven’t learned anything from their historical decision making.

People are watching… and waiting to see if you will make the right choice Twitter. People are watching to see if you’ll do the right thing. Don’t fuck this up.

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