The People Must Change

My brother has been building a 90 Day Curriculum for folks who are interested in getting into blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin and he’s called it B90X, a 90 Day Challenge to help folks build a unique (and new!) lifestyle around these exciting things.

I’ve participated since the inception and we’ve got about 15 or so days left. Today’s activity and exercise is deeply impactful:

I shared a few of my own thoughts in the official thread:

When I decided to leave alcohol behind I had to make the difficult but important decision to stop hanging out in certain places and to stop spending time with certain people. They were holding me back from a life of sobriety and ultimately a more full and fulfilling existence.

It seems so obvious now, but, during those times it was hard.

The same thing goes for my professional endeavors as well. As I make better decisions around how I spend my time I ultimately decide who I spend that time with. Every professional decision must be better than the last… and my relationships change as a result.

Sometimes the very people that we love hanging out with end up being the very thing that keeps us from having our very best and most healthy lives.

This is a hard truth to swallow but a necessary one.

I believe everyone will eventually have to make choices like these in their own respective lives. In order for us to change our own lives, for the better, we must also change the very folks that we do life with as well.

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