The People Must Change

via Pressfield:

Turning pro changes how we spend our time and with whom we spend it. It changes our friends; it changes our spouses and children. It changes who is drawn to us and who is repelled by us.

When we turn pro, we will be compelled to make painful choices. There will be people who in the past had been colleagues and associates, even friends, whom we will no longer be able to spend time with if our intention is to grow and to evolve. We will have to choose between the life we want for our future and the life we have left behind.

This is the hard truth and it’s incredibly hard to do for most of us.

It’s hard to turn your back on the people that were once your closest friends. It’s hard to admit that they may have actually been part of the problem instead of helping you formulate and grow into the necessary solution(s).

It’s hard to tell them that you will not allow them to hold you back any longer. It’s hard for them to admit or even realize that they have been holding you back and that they are partly (largely) to blame.

It’s hard for you to also tell them that this is the very best thing that you can do for both parties, for you and for them. It’s hard to do this because it forces the other person and/or party to re-examine their own condition and perhaps admit, finally, that they are in desperate want.

It’s hard to burn the necessary relational bridges so that you can build a new future for yourself and your family. It’s hard to admit that you should have burned the ships a long, long time ago.

The people in your life must invariably change if you are to make the significant decisions and choices that are required of you to go pro. It’ll never be easy, but, like many things, it’ll be worth it.