Perfectly Normal

I kind of love this:

He is self-aware, self-accepting, caring, with a strong ability to analyze and speak about his condition with others. He understands how he is different, and he has created a coping mechanism for himself that enables him to function in society and pursue his interests in the arts as an escape when it all becomes too much for him.

It just kind of works.

Finding the right rhythm for ourselves and the way that we “do things” is a never-ending quest of self-discovery.

I think that we benefit the most when we ask ourselves the hard questions of whether the environments that we’re in, the relationships that we have, and the systems that we’ve created for ourselves (or that have been handed to us), are, in fact, working as intended.

And, if not, then we need to redo them, recycle them, and even remove them entirely. New beginnings do not have to be scary; they can be wildly exciting.

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