I love the definition of perseverance:

Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

I love this because I firmly believe that this is the hallmark of great leadership, individuals, teams, and organizations. I believe that success is the fact that they have persevered where others have quit.

Most startups fail because they do not have what it takes to persevere and to survive the inevitable conflicts and difficult decisions that must be made to survive.

Most relationships (and marriages) do not survive because they, as individuals and as a couple, have chosen to not persevere.

And even most aspiring authors, writers, creatives, and bloggers do not attain the level of success that they’d like to see because they quit too early – it’s perseverance that grants them access to those achievements and very little else.

I attribute a lot of my personal success in blogging (and a number of other things) to the fact that I have written and published every single day for the past 10+ years. I strongly urge other bloggers to do the same, schedule permitting of course, because I believe it is through the difficulty and the “grind” where you learn your own unique art and craft to this thing we call online publishing.

I still find it incredibly difficult at times to sit down and write and there are times where it’s the very last thing I want to do with my time. Yet, I know that the game I and the rest of the world really plays is one of perseverance and I’m in it for the long haul. I’ve seen it work because I’ve experienced it.

Success that matters, however your describe or define it, takes time. And success that makes a lasting impact on not only yourself but for the benefit of others is difficult by definition. Don’t quit now because you’re tired – you haven’t even really started yet.