Persistence or Quit

We’re in the middle of some significant decisions as a team and I couldn’t be more proud of my team in terms of how we handle the tough calls.

(Although, I’m not sure there is ever a time where we are not in a moment of critical decision-making as a startup…)

Luckily I’ve survived (and that’s really the right word) a handful of startups previously and I see the same patterns emerge.

Ultimately, we as a leadership and organization will face the quesiton of whether we need to continue to pursue the current course or take a different one. It’s about persevering or pivoting (not a super-fan of this word, btw…). It’s about persistence in one direction or quitting it entirely.

Usually we try to bargain our way into thinking that we can entertain a new direction and continue to hold the line of excellence in our other commitments. It rarely is done well although our intentions are more than good.

I am thankful that I don’t have to make critical decisions alone, an obvious benefit of having an incredible team; and great teams find ways to leverage problems as opportunities.

Many of you are probably in a very similar place – do I continue on the original course or do I make a significant jump, personally, professionally, corporately as an organization?

A decision must be made and standing still is akin to death. Oh, and quitting isn’t a bad option nor should it be seen as one that is negative – it just means that you’ve decided that the current course is the wrong one and that there’s another one that’s entirely better.

What one must do is get over the shame and the guilt of either course of action as there are very few wrong answers when everything is generally ambiguous. How does one take the wrong step when you’re stuck in fog?

Just move. Just go. Just do. Anything.

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