Personal Counseling: A Fresh Perspective


We are so messed up.

Let’s be honest for a sec. In fact, nevermind. You can’t. You can’t possibly know everything that’s messed up in your life without another person looking in.

(An added benefit to marriage… and community I might add!)

We are simply blind to our blind spots (duh).

Some recent marriage counseling helped me realize that I have some personal issues that need some significant attention.

So, back to the plush offices with comfortable chairs, soothing music, and men with silky voices with an uncanny ability to ask tough personal questions without offending.

I had my first personal counseling session yesterday morning and I can already feel the scales falling from my eyes. Sometimes it just takes a fresh, objective, 3rd party perspective to tell you what you already knew but really never believed.

I’ve got my next session on the calendar. Here’s to coming out clean.

[Image from EstherAse]