Perspective is Powerful

I shared this tidbit today on a new VLOG series, Bite-Sized VC:

Simply-put, the moment I realized that I was an vital¬†and fundamental part of the Venture Capital world… and that without me, an entrepreneur, venture capitalists wouldn’t have a job… my thinking shifted dramatically.

You see, with this new perspective I realized that I didn’t have to be afraid, or scared, or anxious when it came to¬†talking with VCs and raising money. Instead, I could talk honestly and candidly about my product, the business that I wanted to build, and the vision that I had for the future.

I didn’t need to overly-impress or try my damnest to make them like me and I certainly didn’t need to do anything uncomfortable to “stand out” or be different. Instead, I could just be me.

Perspective, even the smallest additions (or subtractions) can be extremely powerful and can change your entire attitude about a subject, an idea, or even a person. Imagine that.