How I Increased My Blog Traffic by 30%

pressgram-more-blog-trafficOne of the main reasons I created Pressgram was because I’m completely in love with my blog. Yes, I said it, love.

In fact, blogging is one of the longest-lasting activities that I have with my first “post” in 2001! And I love it just as much today as I did then although I blog quantitatively less than I used to (I average 2-3k words per day today while back then I was writing in excess of 4-5k!).

Consequently, I’m more passionate about my blog properties than anything else and everything else combined. If you were to take my Facebook account away (Whoops, already did that…) or my Twitter or any other social network I would spend a day mourning the loss (perhaps) but I’d recover very quickly.

But if you were to take my blog(s) away I would perish; I can’t live without them as they are a vital part of how I understand the world because writing helps me clarify my own thoughts and enables me to distill them into fundamental signals of communication.

In other words, my blog has been and will always be, the center of my digital universe. Social networks will come and go but my blog will always remain.

As such, I wanted to make sure that anything I did outside of my main base station of operations would contribute as directly as possible to enhancing and promoting my core communication platform. It just makes sense, right?

And since I take a ton of pictures about my life, my family, the products that I build and the companies that I lead, it was a no-brainer that I encapsulate those images in some way that was seamless and intuitive and that didn’t bust my digital workflows.

I enjoyed this, for a time, on Instagram because of their neat filters (hey, who doesn’t love filters?!) but I left because of their obvious quest for commercializing their product and being a part of the soul-sucking legion that is Facebook.

Mission Accomplished?

So I came up with my own solution, “scratched my own itch” as they say, made it a community-centric project, and built it. But would it do what I had set out to accomplish? Would it “enhance” and “promote” my blog and communication platform better?

Thankfully the answer is a resounding “YES” as my usage of Pressgram has literally overnight increased my pageviews and my site visits like whoa. In fact, I’ve experienced an incredible 30% pageview increase month-over-month by just my daily usage alone and I’m knocking through some previous traffic ceilings that I had been struggling to clear.

Here’s a traffic graph of my ALPHA testing – as you can see, there are three weeks presented here with similar traffic patterns. As you know, I’ve been blogging for such a long time that my traffic is pretty sequential, rhythmic, and predictable: High traffic on Mondays and Tuesdays with a tapering throughout the week into the weekend.

But the jump is visually-obvious:

Incredible. I'll never go back!
Incredible. I’ll never go back!

You see, unlike the first two weeks (week of July 1st and July 8th) the following week of July 15th is when I first started testing my barely-working ALPHA version of Pressgram.

I scheduled a 30 day traffic and site visits test as you can see here below – I published 3 times per day at 10:00am, 1:30pm, and 6:00pm for the first month to get a good idea:


My increases for those weeks:

  • Week #1: 127.35% increase
  • Week #2: 136.93% increase
  • Week #3: 126.24% increase
  • Week #4: 125.64% increase

The end result? Nearly a 30% increase of pageviews month-over-month. Simply put, I was able to say that I accomplished my mission, my app, as it stood at that moment, was an obvious success. I couldn’t be more happy!

Why Does This Work?

That’s simple: Since I’m publishing images directly to my blog and sharing links to my blog with those images I am no longer sending my followers to other social networks – instead, they are coming directly to my own blog, my own center of the digital universe.

So those pageviews are now mine instead of Facebook’s or Instagram’s or all the other networks. This gives me more control over my content and the ability to leverage my own work more properly and directly.

Here’s a simple visual map of traffic and the options that you have today:

The choice is very clear.
The choice is very clear.

You could send your images to other social networks and give them the traffic that you earned and that is technically yours or you could take them back and publish your images directly to your own blog.

I think the choice is very clear, very obvious, and very effective.

My challenge to you, even if you don’t have issues with control and privacy (as I do), is to try Pressgram, especially if you’re a blogger and digital publisher. Just give it a go! See how you feel about it

Start publishing images to your blog (and use our WordPress Plugin to de-clutter the homepage) and see what happens when your followers start going directly to your own property instead of somewhere else and then tell me about your results.

If you’re interested as well, make sure to check out my Product Roadmap for 2013 – in other words, what the future holds in the short-term for making the app even better. It’s just in version 1.0 right now and it’s not even a week old, so it’s being stressed test globally as we speak but already I’m getting great feedback about how it’s showing results for other bloggers.

I hope it can provide just as much value to you as it has me. Heck, that’s why I built it.

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