A Simple (Full Screen, Width) Product Hunt SHIP Landing Page

I’m a fan of Product Hunt and their new-ish product SHIP, which I’ve already shared a few thoughts about here. The TL;DR: is that I really like it and I feel like it’s worth the somewhat steep monthly price of $59 (paid annually) although I know a lot of folks that I’ve chatted with find it a bit hard to stomach.

To those folks I would simply say this:

  1. I’m a three-time user (here, here, and now here), so, I’ve found the value easier to appreciate over multiple product launches. Spreading the cost over utility has made the price feel more peachy (and it was more expensive when they first launched… $79 I believe).
  2. The product continues to get better (although the speed of updates seems to have slowed a bit) so you’re investing in a growing platform.
  3. You have to also think about PH SHIP as both a mechanism to capture leads / customers as well as a communication device as well (i.e. simplified newsletter system) which, if you compare the cost of similar services like MailChimp, you start to feel better about the overall cost.
  4. The built-in community (and discovery) that they have via their flagship platform (Product Hunt proper) is difficult to quantify in dollars and cents, but, is well-worth the cost of admission – 99 out of 100 startups won’t have a community to start and this is a great way to get noticed in a very busy and noisy ecosystem to bootstrap that community from the proverbial “cold start”.

Like most things, do your own research and competitive analysis and you’ll have to make up your own damn mind in the end.

But one of the more annoying features that they haven’t launched quite yet is the ability to map a domain to the landing page directly so that you can have something like https://yen.io/ instead of this much-longer address https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/yen.


But, it’s not impossible to do… it’s just not elegant, but, it really does work (and it’s netted us more than 8,000+ subscribers so far)!

New, Temporary Landing Page – http://yen.io

So, when we launched a new, temporary landing page for our product we decided to continue to use SHIP’s capture system (they have both a widget and a form embed now!) and move away from the super-hack-ey iframe implementation that we had been using, which looked like this:

Old Landing Page

You can see it live here if you’d like or if you want a magical .gif… well, you’re in luck:

Pure 🦄!

To get this to work it’s actually not that hard! The code is right here!

Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

And… if you’re listening Product Hunt… that custom domain mapping would be… fantastic.