Phil Fish

An interesting commentary on internet culture, celebrity, and especially fame. If you’ve got some downtime it’s worth a listen as this is much less about Phil Fish, the creator of Fez, and more about fame culture.

I personally have enjoyed, very much, Fez and it is a true work of art. It’s unfortunate that the creator has been unable to manage the sensational attention that his work has garnered.

I don’t blame him though and I struggle with this as well although I am not even in the same class and distinction as Phil. The internet is a powerful tool (a psychology experiment, if you will) and can be used for good or for things not-so-good.

I once championed the idea that the internet could be “redeemed” (take that for what you will) – my view has since evolved and I’m engage with it with a level of impartiality now. I enjoy it’s existence but I wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t here.