Pinning Culture

For starters, let’s just put it plainly: We’ve been busy. Actually, very busy. And it’s the good kind of busy, if you get what I’m saying.

Sure, we’re still building product and finding digging in deeper into what will really resonate with early customers. And yes, we’re working even closer with some of those folks and giving a deeply empathetic ear to their needs and desires and struggles that we believe we can solve.

Same old, same old.

But, there’s much more to the picture now as we’ve grown our team internally which means that we are executing against our vision of building and growing our culture because our team is the very heartbeat of not just who we are but also what we do.

Consequently, I’ve been religiously working on our open source handbook and have removed a ton of extraneous folders and docs, combined a bunch of them into a more streamlined read, and ordered them in a fashion that should be read by any new staffer.

“New Beginnings” Team Pin for 2017

One of the new additions, though, is our Team Pins section where I’ve shared one of the first physical cultural artifacts that we’ve created for our team.

You see, this is part of our belief that great organizational culture happens not only organically but also intentionally.

In other words, there are things about our culture that will be created as a natural consequence of hiring great people and that are created through the amalgamation of their personalities, perspectives, and experiences and there are other things that we consciously and purposefully add and inject into our company because we believe they can be valuable and beneficial.

Even if, for instance, they might be “small,” like a custom enamel pin to represent a shared, company event like our 2017 “New Beginnings” pin that we’ve sent out to all of our team and supporting cast members who have helped put Pinpoint together:

We’ve started a small tradition here at Pinpoint where we celebrate a few milestones that we, as a team, get to experience together. These might be yearly anniversaries, a significant customer sale (or other fiscally-significant events), and/or team-centric celebrations.

Over time we should all have a handful of them to represent our time and our participation in the larger Pinpoint story.

And that is really the hope that, over time, we can add more and more of these small pins to the mix as we celebrate the great things that are happening as a company.

Sure, it might seem like a small thing but I don’t feel that way about it. We have this very unique and fleeting opportunity to do things that we will never be able to do as things progress and as we grow and scale as a team.

I want to capture and commemorate these milestones so that I can never forget how far we’ve come and the hopes that we have for an unbelievable future.

This shared perspective and community experience through a simple enamel pin is one way we can purposefully “design” our company culture and communicate our values to ourselves and to those that encounter us.

This is how we’re going to “pin” our culture down, so to speak, and it’ll be a visual reminder of not only our own personal commitments that we’ve made to do work that matters but also a shared commitment to each other and to our greater team.

Here’s to many more pins in our exciting future!

[If you want more great reading on how to build effective company culture then try this post via Invision which was very inspiring (and very relevant)!]