Pixlplug: WTF?!? Blatant Rip Off!


UPDATE: The project has been disputed (thanks so much for your help!) and is currently offline. I hope that’s the end of this serious waste of time!

I don’t like doing this and this is not entirely in-character for me, but I have to say something about Pixlplug’s BLANTANT RIP OFF of our community’s Kickstarter project!

See their project here and the Pressgram project here. I’ve also screen-captured their project so that you can compare:

As you can see they pretty much took my layout, my images (thank goodness they didn’t take the photos of my family and girls!), and even the product wireframes, templates, and mockups!

Kickstarter, you have to pull the plug on this one! Please share and retweet as well as report this project (at the bottom of the page):


Seriously, WTF?