Platinum Dolphin: Community First & Last

YEN got an upgrade today: Codename 🐬#PlatinumDolphin. And we’re taking time to look back and thank all of you who have been on this journey with us (even those of you that joined today)! 

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ve seen glimpses of what went into the process. You’ll see how we reimagined the chat experience and restructured conversations and unleashed expression through long-form posts and gifs in comments.

It’s finally here, and while there are wrinkles to iron out, we can’t wait for you all to take it for a spin. Thank you for every comment, post, chat, email, and video call as we endeavored to create a better home for your conversations and relationships.

With every major release, it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come and the possibilities of where we can go as we build together. The #yeniverse would be nothing without you #yenizens, so every build/release is our token of appreciation to you.

And what’s exciting is that we’re still very much in the early stages. Each of the 1200+ folks in YEN right now will have as a significant impact in building this #yeniverse as did the first 100 in turning these sketches into reality:

So, let’s get going. Settle in, because we’ve got ways to go. Check out the new features and fixes in the #changelog. Spin up a community group and gather your people. We’ve got more in store to support you as you build and grow your communities to impact your businesses, relationships, and well-being.

And as always, our feedback lines are open. Let us know how things are working and not working for you. And thank you for living out this truism every day: it starts and ends with community.

See you in YEN 👋!